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Admiral Ushakov

Scale 1:200
Author: ProModel
File Size: 23.4Mb
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Admiral Ushakov
Russian Imperial Navy Coastal Defense Battleship
Model # 010

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Technical data:
  Launched October 23, 1893
4,648 tons standard
  Length 84.6m  
  Beam 15.0m  
  Max Speed 16 knots
  Armament 4 x 10 inch, 4 x 4.7 inch, 6 x 47mm, 18 x 37mm
    Torpedoes - 4 x 15inch tubes
  Complement 404 officers and enlisted
     Admiral Ushakov was a prototype of the series of three ships built between 1893 and 1899.

     Admiral Ushakov spent years 1896-1904 on the Baltic Sea. In January of 1905, ship was reassigned to the Far East and joined Admiral Nebogatov's II Squadron in April of 1905.  Together with Admiral Rozestwenny's I squadron, Admiral Ushakov took part in the ill-fated Tsushima Battle on May 27-28, 1905.  Ship was seriously damaged by cruisers Iwate and Yakumo.  On May 28, Admiral Ushakov was again intercepted by cruisers Azuma and Yakumo She was hit again with six 203mm and nine 152mm shells.  Despite the hopeless situation and Japanese offer to surrender the ship, none of the Russian sailors left the battle stations.  

     To avoid the ship falling into enemy’s hands, Admiral Ushakov was scuttled at 6:10pm on May 28, 1905.



Model built and photographed by ProModel, used with permission.

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