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AEC Dorchester

Scale 1:25
Author: Mariusz Kita
File Size: 39.5Mb
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Armored Command Vehicle
AEC Dorchester
General Maczek's staff vehicle from the HQ of the Polish 1st Armored Division
 Model weathered by the builder.
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Technical data:
  Weight 12.2 t    
  Length 6.10 m    
  Width 2.36 m    
  Height 2.90 m    
  Armor 10-12 mm    
  Engine AEC 187 6-cylinder diesel engine 95 hp (71 kW)
  Operational Range 450 km    
  Max Speed 60 km/h    
  Crew 7-8    
During World War II the United Kingdom was the only country to develop and widely employ purpose-built armored command vehicles. Those were essentially armored buses based on truck chassis.
The most common ACV of the British Army was the AEC 4x4 ACV. The vehicle, based on AEC Matador chassis, entered production in 1941. A total of about 415 units were built. The vehicle was used for the first time in the North African Campaign and remained in service until the end of the war. Big and comfortable, it was nicknamed Dorchester by the troops, after the luxury hotel in London. Three ACVs of this type were captured by the German Afrika Korps. Two of them, named "Max" and "Moritz", were employed by Rommel and his staff throughout the campaign.
           Offered model shows Dorchester used by the Commanding Officer of Polish 1st Armored Division, General Maczek.

Model built and photographed by CyberPepe, used with permission.

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