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Messerschmitt Bf 109B

Scale 1:33
Author: Rafal Ciesielski
File Size: 12.3Mb
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Bf 109B
J88 Legion Condor
Hannes Trautloft (4 victories in Spain, 57 in WW2)

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Technical data:
  Length 8.55 m    
  Span 9.87 m    
  Engine Jumo 210D, 680hp (B variant). Jumo 210G, 700hp (D variant)
  Max Speed 470 km/h    
  Armament 2 x 7.9mm MG-17 (B variant), 4 x 7.9mm MG-17 (D variant)
  Crew 1    
     In 1933, the newly appointed head of the RLM, Herman Goering, confidentially issued a requirement for a "lightning fast courier aircraft". The request was sent to three companies most experienced in airplane design - Focke-Wulf, Arado, and Heinkel. Request was also sent later to Bayerische Flugzeugwerk because of their work on Bf-108 Taifun.
     In 1935 the prototypes were ready for competitive fly-offs and it immediately became apparent that Heinkel's and BFW's entries outclassed the competition. Further flight testing finally edged the pilot's preference to the Bf-109.
     First production variant, Bf 109B, rolled off the assembly line in June 1937 and it was shortly followed by 29 more.  All 30 planes were transferred to Spain to equip Condor Legion - German "volunteers" fighting on the side of General Franco's Nationalist forces.
     Engine of choice and preference for the Bf 109 series was to be the DB-601 but production difficulties and teething problems led to production of an interim Bf 109D variant using Jumo 210D and G engines.  Bf 109D was rushed into combat in Spain where it gained fame as planes used by both Adolf Galland and Werner Molders.
    Bf 109D saw very limited use during World War 2 as it was being quickly replaced by the superior Bf 109E variant.

Models built and photographed by Michael Krol and Grzegorz Nowak.


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