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Messerschmitt Bf 109E

Scale 1:33
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Bf 109E-7
2./JG 3
St. Omer, February 1941

Price $10.00

Model # 059_1

Bf 109E-4 Trop
1./JG 27 Pilot Hans-Joachim Marseille
North Africa, 1941
Price $10.00 Model # 059_2

Bf 109E-3
Plane captured by the French
on November 24, 1939

Price $10.00

Model # 059_3

Bf 109E-3
Plane supplied to the Soviet Union as part of technology exchange. Flown in defense of Moscow.
Plane was later repainted in red to avoid identification mistakes (included as second option)

Price $10.00

Model # 059_4

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Technical data Bf 109E-4:
  Length 8.64 m    
  Span 9.87 m    
  Engine Daimler Benz DB-601A 1,200hp
  Max Speed 560 km/h    
  Armament 2 x 20mm MG FF/M, 2 x 7.9mm MG-17
  Crew 1    
    The initial production models of the Bf 109A, B, C and D series were powered by the relatively low-powered Junkers Jumo 210 series engines.
    The first major redesign came with the E series. The Bf 109E, or "Emil", introduced a number of structural changes in order to accommodate the heavier but significantly more powerful Daimler-Benz DB 601 engine, the heavier armament and increased fuel capacity. Later variants of the Es introduced a fuselage bomb rack or provision for a long-range drop-tank, and used the DB 601N engine of higher power output. The 109E first saw service with the "Condor Legion" during the last phase of the Spanish Civil War and was the mainstay variant at the start of World War II through until mid-1941 when the 109F replaced it in the pure fighter role in Luftwaffe service.

Model built and photographed by Zenon Krol, used with permission


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