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CMP Ford F15A

Scale 1:25
Author: Mariusz Kita
File Size: 42.8Mb
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Canadian Military Pattern (CMP) truck Ford F15A (4x4) captured by                      Deutsche Afrika Korps (DAK) in         North Africa
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     In 1939, British War Office issued specifications for 15-cwt truck to be produced in Canada by Ford and Chevrolet.  Both were nearly identical in appearance with very minor external differences. Trucks produced by Ford were powered by flathead V8 while Chevrolet trucks had inline V6. Both trucks were widely used by Commonwealth forces in all theatres of operation. Many of those trucks were captured and used in North Africa by both German and Italian forces.

    Our model shows Ford F15A (4x4) truck captured by Deutsche Afrika Korps equipped with FLAK 30 AAA gun.


Model built and photographed by Tim Crowe, used with permission.

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