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Heinkel He-112B

Scale 1:33
Author: Roman Vasyliev    Copyrights: Dimitri Konovalenko
File Size: 15.5Mb
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He-112B in Luftwaffe service between 1936 and 1939
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Early production He-112B in service with IV/JG 132 during the Summer of 1938
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Technical data:
  Length 9.3 m    
  Span 9.1 m    
  Engine Jumo 210E, 680hp
  Max Speed 510 km/h    
  Armament 2 x 20mm, 2 x 7.9mm, 6 x 10kg bombs
  Crew 1    
     In 1933, the newly appointed head of the RLM, Herman Goering, confidentially issued a requirement for a "lightning fast courier aircraft". The request was sent to three companies most experienced in airplane design - Focke-Wulf, Arado, and Heinkel. Request was also sent later to Bayerische Flugzeugwerk because of their work on Bf-108.
     In 1935 the prototypes were ready for competitive fly-offs and it immediately became apparent that Heinkel's and BFW's entries outclassed the competition. Further flight testing finally edged the pilot's preference to the Bf-109.
     Even though the He-112 was an outstanding aircraft, it became totally overshadowed by Messerschmitt rival. In the end, only 98 He-112 were built. Some flew shortly in Luftwaffe markings but that was mostly for propaganda purposes.  Most aircraft were exported with 28 going to Japan, 19 to Spain, 3 to Hungary, and 30 going to Romania.
     Those who flew the He-112 loved the aircraft for its excellent handling and heavy armament introduced on production models.


Model (Romanian markings) built and photographed by the author, used with permission.


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