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Heinkel He-112B

Scale 1:33
Author: Roman Vasyliev    Copyrights: Dimitri Konovalenko
File Size: 15.5Mb
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He-112B-1 of Grupul 5 vanatoare, at Pipera-Bucharest prior to June 1941

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He-112B-2/U2 used during late 1942 as a conversion trainer for pilots transitioning into the Bf-109 at Focsani airfield.

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He-112B of Escadrilla 51 vanatoare.   On the first day of war against USSR, Locotenent aviator Teodor Moscu, leading a pair of He-112 attacked a Soviet airfield in Southern Bessarabia (Moldavia) and during fighting over the field shot down two I-16s and was credited with another probable.
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Technical data:
  Length 9.3 m    
  Span 9.1 m    
  Engine Jumo 210E, 680hp
  Max Speed 510 km/h    
  Armament 2 x 20mm, 2 x 7.9mm, 6 x 10kg bombs
  Crew 1    
     In 1933, the newly appointed head of the RLM, Herman Goering, confidentially issued a requirement for a "lightning fast courier aircraft". The request was sent to three companies most experienced in airplane design - Focke-Wulf, Arado, and Heinkel. Request was also sent later to Bayerische Flugzeugwerk because of their work on Bf-108.
     In 1935 the prototypes were ready for competitive fly-offs and it immediately became apparent that Heinkel's and BFW's entries outclassed the competition. Further flight testing finally edged the pilot's preference to the Bf-109.
     Even though the He-112 was an outstanding aircraft, it became totally overshadowed by Messerschmitt rival. In the end, only 98 He-112 were built. Some flew shortly in Luftwaffe markings but that was mostly for propaganda purposes.  Most aircraft were exported with 28 going to Japan, 19 to Spain, 3 to Hungary, and 30 going to Romania.
     Those who flew the He-112 loved the aircraft for its excellent handling and heavy armament introduced on production models.


Model built and photographed by the author, used with permission.

Model built and photographed by Robert Vidonye, Austria, used with permission. More photos can be seen here and his construction report can be viewed here


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