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HMS Badsworth

Scale 1:200
Author: Grzegorz Nowak
File Size: 29.6Mb
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HMS Badsworth
Hunt II - class Escort Destroyer
as she appeared in 1942
Model # 022

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Technical data:
  Launched March 17, 1941 - completed on August 18, 1941
1,050 tons standard; 1,490 full-load.
  Length 85.34m  
  Beam 9.62m  
  Machinery Two sets of Parsons geared turbines; 19,000 hp = 25.5 knots
  Armament Main - 6 x 4" (3 x II)
    AAA - 2 x 4 12.7mm Vickers, 2 x 20mm
    6 Thornycroft depth charge throwers
  Complement 168 officers and enlisted
     HMS Badsworth started her career on convoy duty in the English Channel, but in June of 1942 she was designated as part of the convoy Harpoon delivering vital supplies to Malta. Convoy met with fierce opposition from German and Italian forces and only two out of 6 merchant ships reached Malta harbor.  While on patrol in the area of Grand Harbor, Badsworth struck a mine and sustained heavy damage but was towed to Malta when she received temporary repairs.  On August 10, as part of escort for transports Orari and Troilus, Badsworth left Malta and reached Tyne for the repairs.

    In November of 1942 Badsworth joined Londonderry Escort Force and took part in escorting a Murmansk convoy.  In March of 1943 she returned to the Mediterranean to take part in another Malta convoy. On April 22, 1943 she again struck a mine and was towed to Liverpool for repairs.  After repairs were completed, Badsworth was transferred to Royal Norwegian Navy under the name Arendal.

     Full construction report can be seen at and more photos of the completed model are available in the Gallery section.



Model built and photographed by Joerg Schulze, used with permission.

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