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HMS Chiddingfold

Scale 1:200
Author: Grzegorz Nowak
File Size: 29.0Mb
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HMS Chiddingfold
Hunt II - class Escort Destroyer
Appearance - 1942
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Technical data:
  Launched March 10, 1941
1,050 tons standard
  Length 85.34 m  
  Beam 9.62 m  
  Machinery Two sets of Parsons geared turbines; 19,000 hp = 25.5 knots
  Armament Main battery - six 102mm guns (3 x II)
    AAA - four - 40mm POM-POM (1 x 4), two - 20 mm (2 x I)
    Six Thornycroft depth charge launchers, two depth charge racks
  Complement 168 officers and enlisted
    First operation in which HMS Chiddingfold participated was commando raid on Vaagso, Norway on December 27, 1941.  Ship bombarded German positions and assisted in destruction of enemy shipping.  Thereafter she was assigned to Orkneys and Shetlands command undertaking patrols ranging from Iceland to Clyde and Rosyth.  After the refit in the Summer of 1943 she was transferred to the Mediterranean Fleet, joining 59th Destroyer Division based in Malta.  During 18 months of operations she escorted convoys, bombarded German positions and patrolled Adriatic to intercept enemy controlled shipping of the coast of Dalmatia.  Her final operation in this theatre was bombardment of Genoa harbor on March 1, 1945.  Two days later she was ordered to return to United Kingdom where she joined 16th Destroyer Flotilla for convoy duty.
    She left Europe in July of 1945 and later joined 18th Destroyer Flotilla in Trincomalee. She took part in re-occupation of Singapore in early September. 
    After return to United Kingdom, on November 16, 1945 she was paid off into reserve. After the refit completed on June 9, 1953 she was transferred to Indian Navy where she was renamed Ganga.


Model built and photographed by Padre, used with permission.

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