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HMS Hesperus

Scale 1:200
Author: Grzegorz Nowak
File Size: 50.5Mb
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HMS Hesperus (ex-Brazilian Navy Juruena)
H- class Fleet Destroyer
Appearance - Winter 1941/1942
Model # 085

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Technical data:
  Launched August 1, 1939
1,370 tons standard
  Length 98.5 m  
  Beam 10.1 m  
  Machinery Two sets of Parsons geared turbines; 34,000 hp = 35.5 knots
  Armament Main battery - three 120mm L/45 guns (3 x I)
    AAA - 1 x 76mm, 8 x 12.7mm (2 x IV)
    Eight Thornycroft depth charge launchers, three depth charge racks
  Complement 145-152 officers and enlisted
    HMS Hesperus was an H-class destroyer that had originally been ordered by the Brazilian Navy with the name Juruena in the late 1930s, but was bought by the Royal Navy after the beginning of World War II in September 1939 and later renamed.   
    She was damaged by German aircraft during the Norwegian Campaign in May 1940 and was assigned to convoy escort and anti-submarine patrols after her repairs were completed. The ship was assigned to the Western Approaches Command for convoy escort duties in late 1940. She was briefly assigned to Force H in 1941, but her anti-aircraft armament was deemed too weak and she was transferred to the Newfoundland Escort Force the next month for escort duties in the North Atlantic. 
    HMS Hesperus was transferred to the Mid-Ocean Escort Force in late 1941 and continued to escort convoys in the North Atlantic for the next three years. She was converted to an escort destroyer in early 1943 after suffering damage from one of her two ramming attacks that sank German submarines. - Wikipedia
U-boats destroyed:
U-208 on December 7, 1941 together with HMS Harvester by depth charges
U-93 on January 15, 1942 by ramming, depth charges and artillery fire
U-357 on December 26, 1942 by ramming
U-191 on April 23, 1943 by depth charges
U-186 on May 12, 1943 by depth charges


Model built and photographed by the designer, used with permission.

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