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HMS Onslow

Scale 1:200
Author: Adrian Kacz
File Size: 73.3Mb
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HMS Onslow
O-Class fleet destroyer
as she appeared in 1944
Kit contains parts to build two complete models: Dark Hull/ Light Upperworks (1942) and Special Emergency Fleet Scheme (1944)
Model # 016

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Technical data:
  Launched March 11, 1941 - completed September 1, 1942
1,550 tons standard
  Length 345ft  
  Beam 35ft  
  Machinery Two sets of Parsons geared turbines; 40,000 hp = 36 knots
  Armament Main - four 4.7inch (4 x I)
    AAA - 1 x 4in, 1 x 4 20mm Oerlikon
    Torpedoes - 4 (1x4) 21inch tubes
  Complement 217 officers and enlisted
     Destroyers of the O-class were the realization of the Emergency War Program and by some are considered to be the low point of British destroyer development.  You have to remember however that judging the design by the size and firepower alone can be very misleading.  You need also to take into account its seaworthiness and reliability, and ships of the O-class proved themselves in the harshest possible environment - the Arctic convoys...

     First action of HMS Onslow takes place in December of 1941 during the Lofot's Raid (operation Archery).  In 1942, HMS Onslow is transferred to the Mediteranean where she takes part as an escort for convoy supplying Malta.  During Fall, she rejoins the rest of the O class ships in the Arctic, escorting convoy PQ-18.  In September, together with HMS Faulknor and HMS Impulsive, she sinks three U-boots, and in cooperation with the Swordfish plane from HMS Avenger, she sinks another U-boot.

    In December of 1942, HMS Onslow escorts convoy JW-51B.  This time, instead of U-boots, Kriegsmarine dispatches heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper, pocket battleship Lutzow and six destroyers.

    During rather chaotic encounter caused by very poor visibility, HMS Onslow is damaged by Hipper's fire and Capt. Sherbrooke is seriously wounded.  The entire affair ends when distant escort comprising of cruisers Jamaica and Sheffield joins the fight.  Result of the battle is the loss of British destroyer HMS Achates and German destroyer Friedrich Eckholdt Most importantly though, convoy JW-51B arrives in Murmansk unscathed.

      HMS Onslow participated also in the Battle of the North Cape resulting in sinking of the Scharnhorst, and in Normandy landings in 1944..



Model built and photographed by Adrian Kacz, used with permission.

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