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HMS Saumarez

Scale 1:200
Author: Adrian Kacz
File Size: 58.7Mb
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HMS Saumarez
S-Class fleet destroyer
as she appeared in 1943
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Technical data:
  Launched November 20, 1942, completed in June 1943
1,710 tons standard; 2,530 full-load.
  Length 362.75ft  
  Beam 35.75ft  
  Machinery Two sets of Parsons geared turbines; 40,000 hp = 36 knots
  Armament Main - four 4.5inch
    AAA - 2 x I 40mm Haemayer mounts; 4 x II 20mm Oerlikon
    Torpedoes - eight (2x4) 21inch tubes
  Complement 183 officers and enlisted
    In August of 1943, HMS Saumarez escorted liner Queen Mary taking Winston Churchill to Canada.  After the return from this trip, she was transferred to arctic convoy duty.  On December 26th, Saumarez, while in the escort of convoy JW-55B, was one of the four 'S' Class destroyers, which played such a gallant part in the sinking of the Scharnhorst.

    Entire year 1944 she continued to assist in the escort of Russian convoys and took part in attacks on enemy shipping off the Norwegian coast. In June she helped cover the landings in Normandy, and remained on patrol in the Dover Strait during July and August.  At the beginning of 1945, HMS Saumarez was transferred to the Eastern Fleet in the Indian Ocean where she became a flagship of 26 Destroyer Flotilla.  During the night of May 15, 1945, Saumarez took part in the sinking of the heavy cruiser IJN Haguro in the Malacca Strait.

    After the war’s end, HMS Saumarez was transferred to the Mediterranean.  On October 22, 1946 she struck Albanian mine in international waters of Corfu Channel, which Albania treated as territorial waters.  HMS Volage also struck a mine but was able to tow heavily damaged Saumarez to Malta.

    HMS Saumarez never returned to active duty and was sold for scrap on September 8, 1950.



Model built and photographed by Adrian Kacz, used with permission.

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