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HMS Savage

Scale 1:200
Author: Adrian Kacz
File Size: 54.8Mb
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HMS Savage
S-Class fleet destroyer
as she appeared in 1943
Model # 006

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Technical data:
  Launched 24 September 1942, completed in June 1943
1,710 tons standard; 2,530 full-load.
  Length 362.75ft  
  Beam 35.75ft  
  Machinery Two sets of Parsons geared turbines; 40,000 hp = 36 knots
  Armament Main - four 4.5inch (1x2 experimental DP mount in A position, 2x1)
    AAA - twelve  (6x2) 20mm Oerlikon
    Torpedoes - eight (2x4) 21inch tubes
  Complement 183 officers and enlisted
     HMS Savage spent most of her time in Arctic escorting Murmansk convoys. She is most famous for her part in the sinking of Scharnhorst in December of 1943.

One of the last 14inch shells shot by HMS Duke of York right before Scharnhorst disengaged, struck the

No. 1 Boiler Room and severed the steam pipe feeding the turbines.  This proved to be fatal for the German ship as its speed dropped to 10 knots, allowing British destroyers to catch up and perform a successful torpedo attack. Three out of four torpedoes, which struck German ship, are believed to belong to a salvo shot by HMS Savage. Scharnhorst, severely damaged had no chance to escape British ships closing in for the kill.

In June 1944, HMS Savage covered landings of Allied troops in Normandy, then was on patrol duty in Dover Strait during July and August.  After this, HMS Savage returned to the Arctic. Between May 1 and 5 of 1945, she participated in the last offensive naval operation against German forces when she took part in an attack on German U-boat depot ships in Norway.



Model built and photographed by Adrian Kacz, used with permission.

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