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HMS Victoria

Scale 1:250
Author: Carl Beetz - Golden Bear Models
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HMS Victoria
Victoria-class battleship
Waterline or full hull model.                            

Model # GBM002 (054)
Artwork by Serge Stone, used with permission.    More of his paintings can be seen here



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Technical data:
  Launched April 9, 1885
11,020 tons
  Length 340 feet  
  Beam 70 feet  
  Max speed 16.0 knots
  Armament 2 x BL 16.25 inch (412.8mm)
    1 x BL 10 inch (254mm)
    12 x BL 6 inch (152.4mm)
    12 x 6 pounders, 6 x 14 inch torpedo tubes
     HMS Victoria's launching was accompanied by considerable publicity that she was the most powerful ironclad afloat, with the thickest armor, heaviest guns, as well as being one of the fastest and one of the largest ironclads. However, the design proved less successful in practice. 
     On 22nd June 1893, the Royal Navy's Mediterranean Fleet was about to anchor off Tripoli, Lebanon. HMS VICTORIA was the flagship of Admiral Tryon, Commander in Chief, who was conducting maneuvers before anchoring. He ordered that his ships form two columns, one led by him and the other by his second in command, Rear Admiral Markham in CAMPERDOWN. Tryon, an acknowledged expert in ship handling, ordered that the two columns turn inwards towards each other to arrive on reciprocal courses prior to anchoring. Unfortunately the two columns were only six cables (1200 yards) apart. Because of the ships' turning circles, this meant that a collision was inevitable. CAMPERDOWN collided with VICTORIA and the latter sank in about 10 minutes. Admiral Tryon and more than 350 of the ship's company went down with her.


Model built and photographed by the author, used with permission.

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