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IJN Nagatsuki

Scale 1:200
Author: Grzegorz Nowak
File Size: 45.8Mb
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IJN Nagatsuki
Mutsuki-Class Destroyer
as she appeared in 1927
Model # 004

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Technical data:
  Launched 1927
1,313 tons standard
  Length 336ft  
  Beam 30ft  
  Machinery Four Kampon boilers, two Zoelly turbines; 39,000 hp = 36.3 knots
  Armament Main battery - four 4.7/45 cal DP guns (4 x I)
    AAA - two - 7.7 mm (2 x I) machine guns
    Torpedoes - six - 24 inch (2 x III) tubes
  Complement 154 officers and enlisted
    It wasn't the most modern of Japanese destroyers when the World War 2 started, but she handled herself well as an escort, a fighting ship, and as a fast troop transport.

    Nagatsuki contributed torpedoes to a salvo which sunk USS Strong (DD-467) on July 4-5, 1943 but paid for this success just a day later when, after direct 6" shell hit during battle, later run aground on Kolombangara trying to land troops.

    Unfortunately for Nagatsuki all attempts to pull her free failed and she became an easy prey for US aircrafts on the following day.



Model built and photographed by Grzegorz Nowak, used with permission.

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