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IJN Suzuya

Scale 1:200
Author: Artur Zuranski
File Size: 107.0Mb
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IJN Suzuya
Mogami-class heavy cruiser
as she appeared in October of 1944
Model # 065

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Technical data:
  Launched November 20, 1934
13,670 tons standard
  Length 198m  
  Beam 20.2m  
  Machinery Geared turbines, 4 shafts; 152,000 hp = 35 knots
  Armament Main - 10 x 203mm (5 x 2)
    Secondary - 10 x 127mm (4 x 2)
    AAA - 50 x 25mm
    12 x 610mm (4 x 3) torpedo tubes
  Complement 850 officers and enlisted
     Suzuya was completed at Yokosuka Naval Arsenal in January 1936, but on completion was immediately placed in the reserves while waiting for dry dock space to permit modifications. She was officially commissioned on 31 October 1937, but reconstruction and refit work was not completed until 30 September 1939.  At the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Suzuya was assigned to cover the invasion of Malaya as part of CruDiv7 under Vice Admiral Jisaburo Ozawa's First Southern Expeditionary Fleet. As part of CruDiv7, Suzuya participated in the Indian Ocean raids, Battle of Midway and operations in the Solomon Islands where she took part in bombardment of Henderson Field on Guadalcanal. She also took part in the “Great Mariana’s Turkey Shoot”.

Battle of Leyte Gulf

On 25 October 1944, in the Battle off Samar, Suzuya engaged the three "Jeep carriers" in American Task Group 77.4, but was attacked by ten TBM Avenger torpedo-bombers. A near-miss destroyed her port propeller. At 1050, Suzuya was attacked by 30 other carrier aircraft. Another near-miss caused the torpedoes in Suzuya's No. 1 torpedo tubes to explode, which in turn started other fires, damaged the starboard engine rooms and the No. 7 boiler room. Suzuya was abandoned at 11:50, and sank at 13:22. Destroyer Okinami took off Captain Teraoka and 401 crewmen. US warships later rescued further sailors.

Suzuya was removed from the Navy List on 20 December 1944.     .



Model built and photographed by the author, used with permission. More photos in higher resolution are available on Fantom Models's website.

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