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Scale 1:33
Author: Rafal Ciesielski
File Size: 12.4Mb
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Model # 002
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Technical data:
  Length 7.8 m    
  Span 10.0 m    
  Engine STWC-3 1,065hp
  Max Speed 575 km/h    
  Armament 2 x 13.2mm, 4 x 8mm or 4 x 13.2mm
  Crew 1    
    At the outbreak of ww2 Sweden found itself without any modern fighters to defend its skies.  Delivery of Seversky Republic EP-1 and Vultee Vanguard ordered in USA was stopped after only 60 of the EP-1s reached Petsamo.  No other plane was readily available, so decision was made to design and produce the new fighter at home.  New plane was to be powered by Swedish copy of Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasp - STWC-3.
    Considering the power output of this engine, Lundberg who was in charge of the design knew right from the start that this new fighter will be underpowered.  Extreme attention was then given to reduction of aerodynamic drag as much as possible.  Another obstacle was the lack of aluminum which was allocated already for the production of SAAB planes.  This resulted in a steel tubing construction covered with plywood...   Despite of all the drawbacks, J-22 was a very pleasant looking plane with pretty good characteristic.  Its main claim to fame was "the fastest plane in the world... comparing engine power"....


Model built and photographed by Sqbee and Junior II, used with permission.


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