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Card Modeling FAQ

A "must read" for beginners and advanced modelers.

Captions in English, but the really important stuff is in Polish.  Photos are in international language though, and there is plenty of them in the "POCZEKALNIA" section.

Second Polish discussion forum for card modelers. Inludes English language section.

Site dealing mostly with WW1 airplane models.  And Marcus is a great guy, too ;-)

Chip offers great variety of card models in a "postcard" format.  Great for beginners, still fun for advanced modelers ;-)

    WarBird Pictures

Best collection of ww2 aircraft photos in one place I have ever encountered.

Polish publishing company specializing in providing modelers with plans, photos and histories of the ships from around the world.  Web page both in Polish and English.

Dariusz is equally skilled with designing paper and 3D computer models.

A great shop for hobby enthusiasts of all kinds.
From gaming to airplanes, RC cars, collectibles, hard to find items, and more.

CARLOS ROBERTO LIBERATO designs models of planes used by Brazilian Air Force. What's the connection with us? He used our Siatki 1.1.1 software do design this beautiful 1:72 scale model of Vultee V-11 GB2 ;-)

Home page of our publishing partner.

Yaniv and John created this site for the Free Model Contest.  One of the entrants is Rafal's GeeBee R-1 available as a free download.