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Medium Tank M3 Grant

Scale 1:25
Author: Maciej Poznanski, ProModel
File Size: 26.7Mb
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M3 Grant
7th Armored Division, 6th Royal Tank Regiment
Junior Battalion, C Squad
Model # 037

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Technical data:
27,240 kg
  Length 5.64 m  
  Width 2.72 m  
  Max Speed 42 km/h
  Armament 1 x 75 mm
    1 x 37 mm
    4 x 7.62 mm
  Engine 9 cylinders, Continental R-975-EC2
  Fuel Gasoline
  Crew 6
     The M3 was the result of modification of the M2 to give it more firepower to match the one possessed by German tanks. It was an interim solution until the new M4 Sherman could be developed. The solution was to mount a larger gun in the modified M2 hull. In March 1941, the first prototype of the M3 tank was completed at Rock Island Arsenal. After a month, the first mass production units were manufactured.

     The M3 was protected by 51mm frontal armor, sloping at an angle between 45 to 53 degrees. The sides of the hull were 38 mm thick and sloped at an angle of 90 degrees. The hull was cast, riveted and partly welded. The M3ís cast turret was 51 mm thick. The tank was accessed through two large hatches located in the side walls of the hull. The M3ís armament consisted of a 75 mm main gun in the right front side of the hull. The gun could traverse within 30 degree angle, which was a major disadvantage as the tank had to turn in order to engage enemy. In the turret, there was a 37 mm gun along with a Browning .30 (7.62 mm) calibre machine gun. The tank was manned by a crew of six: a driver, wireless operator, two 75 mm gunners, one 37 mm gunner, and the commander in a dome, initially located on top of the turret, armed with a 7.62 mm machine gun. British did not like the silhouette of the M3, therefore they removed the dome and renamed the tank M3 Grant. The original tank version, which went into service in the US army, was named M3 Lee.

     The M3s were first used by the British army on 21st May 1942 in the battle of Gazala against the Afrika Korps. The increased gun range of the M3 tanks raised the morale of the troops. By October 1942, the British army had received 600 M3 tanks. They served until the capitulation of the Afrika Korps and then were replaced with the M4 Shermans. After the production of the M3 was discontinued in 1943, its chassis was used as a platform for various self-propelled guns and engineering vehicles, being in service till the end of the war. A total of 4924 M3 tanks were manufactured.



Model built and photographed by the author, used with permission.

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