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Aichi M6A1-K Nanzan

Scale 1:33
Author: Rafal Ciesielski
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Aichi M6A1-K Nanzan
Imperial Japanese Navy Special Attack Bomber
Overall orange

Price $12.00

Model # 031_1

Aichi M6A1-K Nanzan
Imperial Japanese Navy Special Attack Bomber
Green upper/orange lower surfaces

Price $12.00

Model # 031_2
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Technical data:
  Length 11.64 m    
  Span 12.262 m    
  Engine Aichi AE1P Atsuta 32 twelve-cylinder, liquid cooled inverted V engine rated at 1,400hp for take-off
  Max Speed 559 km/h    
  Armament 1 x 12.7mm rear firing, one 800kg torpedo or one 800kg bomb or 2 x 250kg bombs
  Crew 2    
     After producing 6 prototypes of the M6A1 Seiran, Aichi completed two airframes with undercarriage to serve as the trainer aircraft. This aircraft originally named M6A1-K Seiran KAI was powered by Atusta 32 engine, the same as serial production Seirans.  Name of the plane was soon changed to M6A1-K Nanzan.  Plane was fitted with inward-retracting undercarriage and clipped vertical stabilizer. Folding tip of the rudder was deleted due to the fact that without floats plane had greatly improved directional stability.
     Nanzan is generally described as a land-based trainer but some sources mention it as also outfitted for the attack role to be carried from the submarine.
     Two versions of the aircraft are offered - overall orange and green top/orange lover surfaces.
     Note:  After discussing this with the builder and several other modelers, orange color of the model was changed to much darker shade.

Model built and photographed by Rene Pinos, used with permission.


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