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Messerschmitt Me-209 V4

Scale 1:33
Author: Lukasz Fuczek
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Prototype of German high performance fighter

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Technical data:
  Length 7.24 m    
  Span 7.80 m    
  Engine Daimler-Benz DB 601ARJ, 1,800hp
  Max Speed 755 km/h    
  Armament 2 x MG17 in the cowling, 1 x MG-FF shooting through the propeller hub.
  Crew 1    
     The Me-209 was essentially a purpose-built air racer whose only real commonality with the "Bf-109" was its DB-601 engine. It won a world speed record of 755 km/h (almost 470 MPH) on 26 April 1939. Willy Messerschmitt decided to see if the racer might make a good fighter, and came up with the "Me-209-V4" prototype, which performed its initial flight on 12 May 1939.
     The fighter prototype strongly resembled the original Me-209 air racer, but had many changes, including a new wing, taller vertical tail plane, and provision for two MG-17 guns in the cowling and an MG-FF/M cannon.
     An air racer is a highly specialized aircraft and is not generally suited for military use. The Me-209-V4's ground and flight handling were terrible, and successive tweaks over a year's time did nothing but raise the aircraft's weight until it couldn't win an air race against an Emil, much less the improved Frederick that was in the works. Messerschmitt finally cut his losses and gave up on the idea.

Beta-build model built and photographed by the author.

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