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Messerschmitt Me-329

Scale 1:33
Author: Rafal Ciesielski
File Size: 28.6Mb
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Messerschmitt Me-329
Prototype of German heavy fighter/ bomber

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Technical data:
  Length 7.715 m    
  Span 17.5 m    
  Engine 2 x DB-603 1,620hp each or Jumo 213 1,750hp each
  Max Speed 685 km/h    
  Armament 4 x MG 151/20 20mm in the nose, 2 x MK 103 30mm in wing roots plus 1 x MG 151/20mm in remote controlled tail turret.  Up to 2400kg bombs in internal bay and underwing racks.
  Crew 2    
     Following the failure of the Me 210 heavy fighter aircraft (which was upgraded to the Me 410 by lengthening the fuselage and adding more powerful engines), a search was begun on a new design for a twin-engine heavy fighter. Professor Alexander Lippisch began work on his Li P.10, and at the same time Dr. Hermann Wurster independently developed the 329. After both submitted their ideas, Willy Messerschmitt asked to have a performance comparison drawn up between the Li P.10, Me 329 and Me 410.
     The Me 329 was a tailless design, and was to be constructed mainly of wood. This would save on strategic materials and keep the weight lower. As many components of the Me 410 were to be used as possible to save time on factory retooling. The large area wing was swept back at approximately 26 degrees, and two Daimler-Benz DB 603 or Jumo 213 piston engines were buried in the wings, each driving a 3.4 meter (11.2 feet) pusher propeller. A single large fin and rudder was mounted at the rear. The main landing gear retracted forwards, and the twin-wheeled front gear retracted to the rear. A two-man crew sat under an extensively glazed cockpit, with the pilot and navigator/rear gunner sitting in a staggered side-by-side arrangement.
     Source of information: Luft'46

Model built and photographed by Pawel Lokietek, used with permission.

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