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Super Corsair Mr. Hyde

Scale 1:32
Author: William Aldridge
File Size: 23.7 Mb
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Unlimited Class Racer
Super Corsair (theoretical)
Mr. Hyde

Price $6.00

Model # 047

If ordering a CD, please add $5.75 for Shipping & Handling. One charge per order.

     This model is a combination of features as seen on the Bud “Super Corsair” which was originally an F4U-4 airframe fitted with a R-4360 engine and the designers own fanciful imaginings of what an original Super Corsair would look like if it were modified for racing.  I am not an aerodynamicist and it is entirely possible that such modifications as seen on this kit might be more hindrance than help.
     In order to speed up the design process all frills were eliminated from the kit.  There are no separate control surfaces, no engine, and the canopy cannot be displayed in the open position.  The cockpit and landing gear were left in the kit since they required little or no modification. - Will Aldridge





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