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Scale 1:200
Author: ProModel
File Size: 13.4Mb
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Coastal Defense Battleship
Model # 009

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Technical data:
  Launched December 17, 1871
2,491 tons standard
  Hull Diameter 30.8m  
  Max Speed 6 knots
  Armament 2 x 280mm
    History of the Novgorod starts on December 17, 1871 in New Admiralty Shipyard in Petersburg.  Admiral Popov designed Novgorod as a truly innovative construction; two powerful 280mm guns were installed in armored barbette on a perfectly round hull. Ship had two large funnels and four air intakes mounted on both sides of the barbette.  Eight boilers and two steam turbines mounted in the hull powered six propeller screws.

     The idea behind this unusual configuration was to provide the guns with the most possibly stabile platform for the guns.  Resulting stability was actually so great that it prevented the ship from being used as a warship. Despite the six screws and twelve keels, ship was very difficult to maneuver, preventing effective use of the guns.

      Novgorod was retired on July 4, 1903



Model built and photographed by ProModel, used with permission.

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