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ORP Garland

Scale 1:200
Author: Grzegorz Nowak
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ORP Garland
G-Class British destroyer in Polish Navy service
May 1942
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Technical data:
  Launched October 24, 1935
2000 tons standard
  Length 98.5m  
  Beam 10.10m  
  Machinery Two sets of Parsons geared turbines; 34,000 hp = 35.5 knots
  Armament Main battery - three 120mm guns (3 x I)
    AAA - one - 76mm, eight - 12.7mm (2 x 4), two - 20 mm (2 x I)
    Torpedoes - four - 533mm (1 x IV) tubes, one depth charge launcher
  Complement 145 officers and enlisted
    On May 3, 1940 HMS Garland was transferred to Polish Navy as a replacement for the ships lost during the first year of the war.  It was originally planned to rename the ship, but Polish Navy, recognizing the fact that the name Garland is one of the oldest ship names in the Royal Navy, as a courtesy decided to keep the original name.
    Since the ship was used mostly in escort duties, she was rearmed to better serve that purpose.  She received more anti-air and anti-submarine armament at the cost of one main artillery gun.
    On June 28, 1940 ORP Garland took part in sinking of an Italian destroyer Espero during the battle at Calabria.  The most notable event in the ORP Garland's history is the escort of convoy PQ-16 to Murmansk between May 25-27, 1942 when she fought all day against enemy aircraft losing 25 sailors killed and 43 wounded.
    During her service in the Polish Navy, ORP Garland sailed 217,000 nautical miles, sunk German U-boat and damged additional two, shot down three enemy planes and participated in sinking of two Italian warships, she also damaged three other ships.
    ORP Garland is one of the only two G-class destroyers to survive the war.


Model built and photographed by Miroslaw Stawiak, used with permission.

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