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All inquires and orders should be directed to Michael Krol.

      All models are available as a download or CD.  Default setting for the purchase is download so if you prefer to receive model on a CD, please choose one of the options below
  Computer requirements:
            Windows 95 and later;
            300Mhz, or faster processor
            100Mb of free hard disc space;
            32Mb or more RAM;
  Linux and MAC computers are not supported at this time.

      If you choose the download, you will receive an e-mail with the link to the model file - usually within few hours, depending on the time of day.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that the e-mail address registered with PayPal is current since it will be the one I will send the link to.  If you do not hear from within 24hrs, please contact me to check status.

  This file will be available for download for 7 days and after this time will be removed from the server so please download it and register without unnecessary delay so we can free server space.

If you choose to receive a CD, please add $5.75 for shipping and handling (button located on every model page). One charge per order, all models will be included on one CD.

All orders over $50 will be delivered on a CD, free of charge.




     Every model contains self-installing viewing and printing software, plus model files.  When you install the software you will be able to view instructions, photos and construction diagrams.  Before you will be able to open files containing model parts, you will be required to register your model with us.  In order to create the Registration Key, your computer must have at least one printer installed - it does not have to be connected all the time, but the driver must be present.

This registration will be valid ONLY for the computer on which software was installed.


    If something happens to the model, you add a new printer, upgrade your computer or buy a new one and the software stops working, please let me know and we will issue a replacement model or a new Registration Key.


     When you send registration e-mail, we will do our best to get you the registration key asap, but depending on time of the day and your time zone, it could even be a few hours before we will be able to respond and deliver it via e-mail.  Please be patient, we will not forget about any of our customers ;-)

Payment - PayPal (preferred for all orders);
                 Money Order or Check (USA only);
                 International Money Order (outside of USA).
                 Money Order/ Check/ International Money Order payable to Michael Krol
                 will be gladly accepted, please contact me for details
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