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Lockheed P-38H

Scale 1:33
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P-38H flown by Maj. Tom J. Lynch
39th FS, 35th FG
Port Moresby, New Guinea - March 1943
16 victories

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Technical data:
  Length 11.53 m    
  Span 15.85 m    
  Engine 2 x Allison V-1710, 1,425 hp
  Max Speed 647 km/h    
  Armament 1 x 20mm Hispano cannon + 4 x 0.50cal Browning machine guns
  Crew 1    
    Lockheed P-38 Lightning was one of the best planes of World War II. Very fast, heavily armed and having greatest range of all American planes (until P-51 arrived) it was especially well suited for the Pacific theatre. It also produced two highest scoring aces in American history - Richard Bong and Thomas McGuire.  Offered P-38H model was flown by Thomas Lynch, friend and partner (not wingman, since they switched roles on regular basis) of Dick Bong.
    Tom Lynch was killed on March 8, 1944 over Aitape Harbor, New Guinea. His plane was hit and heavily damaged by ground fire, he tried to bail out, succeeded, but plane was to low for the parachute to open.  His final score stood at twenty destroyed Japanese planes.
    Construction report with in-progress photos can be viewed here.

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