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Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk Mk. IIb

Scale 1:33
Design: Lukasz Fuczek; Recolor: Ron Spencer
File Size:  27.3Mb
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P-40 Tomahawk Mk. IIb
112 Squadron RAF, Fort Maddelena, Libya, November 1941
Pilot Officer Neville Duke

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Technical data:
  Length 9.66 m    
  Span 11.37 m    
  Engine Allison V-1710-33, 1,040hp
  Max Speed 555 km/h    
  Armament 2 x 0.50cal in the nose, 4 x 0.303 cal in the wings
  Crew 1    
     During July 1941, 112 Squadron was one of the first in the world to become operational with the P-40 Tomahawk, which it used in both the fighter and ground attack role. Inspired by the unusually large air inlet on the P-40, the squadron began to emulate the "shark mouth" logo used on some German Messerschmitt Bf 110s of Zerstörer Geschwader 76 earlier in the war. 

     P-40 Tomahawks were delivered in Curtiss Brown/Curtiss Green/Curtiss Sky Grey (the Curtiss versions of RAF Dark Earth/Dark Green and Light Grey.)  They were quickly repainted by overpainting the green with RAF Middle Stone (except where the serial was on green in which case the serial background was left in Curtiss Green.)  The undersides were overpainted with RAF Azure Blue.  The paintwork on these aircraft was subject to extremes of heat, sun, sand and dust and deteriorated rapidly.


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