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Petlyakov Pe-2FT

Scale 1:33
Author: Rafal Ciesielski
File Size: 77.3Mb
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Petlyakov Pe-2FT
Soviet Dive Bomber
Kit includes three complete models in Soviet, Polish, and Czech camouflage.

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Model # 017
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Technical data:
  Length 12.6 m    
  Span 17.6 m    
  Engine 2 x VK-105 1,100hp each
  Max Speed 540 km/h    
  Armament 3 x 7.62mm, 3 x 12.3mm, bombs 6 x 100kg internally plus 4 x 250kg externally
  Crew 3    
     Pe-2FT (FT stands for Frontovoe Trebovanie - Frontline Request) was a variant of highly successful medium bomber, Petlyakov Pe-2, resulting from input of frontline pilots complaining that aircraft was under protected from the rear.
     Pe-2 started as a high altitude escort fighter VI-100 but as the serial production was starting, order was given to redesign the aircraft as a tactical bomber.  This change resulted from realization that highly maneuverable, heavily armed dive bomber is much more needed than a sophisticated high altitude fighter.
     Petlyakov's team was given just 45 days to complete the redesign under the threat of severe consequences if not completed. it's worth mentioning that Petlyakov at the time was imprisoned...
     Cabin pressurization system and superchargers were deleted.  Dive brakes, bomb bays in the fuselage and engine nacelles, plus bombardier position were added ad timeline was met.  Stalin was so pleased with the result that he not only freed Petlyakov, but also allowed him to use his name in the aircraft designation.    
      The best example of airplane capabilities is the fact that Hurricanes Mk. II flying escort for Pe-2 bombers in Murmansk area, were forced to maintain maximum speed just to keep up with their charges...

Model built and photographed by Szydercza Gala, used with permission.


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