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Hawker Tempest Mk II

Scale 1:24
Author: John Griffin
File Size: 51.5Mb
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Hawker Tempest Mk II

No.56 Squadron RAF, flown by Sqn Ldr F.W.M. Jensen as it appeared in 1945-46, painted in European color scheme, but with Pacific Theatre ID bands (white stripes on fin and cowl) since it was scheduled to be transferred to the Far East to fight the Japanese.

Model has full interior including wheel wells. This version is built as in-flight but the undercarriage is of course included.

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Tempest Mk II
Tempest Mk V
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Technical data:
  Length 34ft 5in    
  Span 41ft    
  Engine Bristol Centaurus Mk V 2,520hp
  Max Speed 442mph    
  Armament 4 x 20mm
  Crew 1    
     While Hawker was working toward the introduction of the Tempest V, Sydney Camm and his crew were also revisiting the Bristol Centaurus radial engine, incorporating it into two other Tempest prototypes.   The first Centaurus powered Tempest, the Mark II, flew on June 28, 1943 with a Centaurus IV, and was followed presently by the second. The radial engine installation owed much to examinations of a captured Focke-Wulf Fw-190, and was extremely clean and effective. There were problems with vibration, but they were fixed by addition of six rubber shock mounts.
     The Centaurus was generally regarded as superior to the Sabre, particularly in terms of reliability, and the Centaurus engine and Tempest airframe proved to be an excellent match. The combination looked so promising that a contract for 500 of the type was placed as far back as September 1942, but Gloster was overloaded with production of the Typhoon and development of the Gloster Meteor, and there was no way the company could handle the additional load.
     Tempest Mark II production ended up in the hands of Bristol, and the switch delayed production even more. The first Tempest II was rolled off the line on 4 October 1944, but then production was shifted back to Hawker.
     A total of 452 Tempest IIs were built, including 136 basic Mark IIs and 316 "Fighter Bomber Mark IIs" (FB.II). They were built mostly by Hawker and generally with Centaurus V engines, and of that number 300 were completed after the war. The Tempest II, despite its slightly improved performance and better reliability, never saw combat. Tempest IIs produced during the war were intended for combat against the Japanese, and would have formed part of "Tiger Force" but the Pacific War ended before they could be deployed. (- Wikipedia)



Model built and photographed by the author, used with permission.


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