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Hawker Tempest Mk V

Scale 1:24
Author: John Griffin
File Size: 60.2Mb
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Hawker Tempest Mk V

No. 3 Squadron RAF based in Newchurch

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Model # 020
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P-47D Torrid Tessie/Philadelphia Filly
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Tempest Mk II
Tempest Mk V
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Technical data:
  Length 33ft 8in    
  Span 41ft    
  Engine Napier Sabre II 2,180hp
  Max Speed 427mph    
  Armament 4 x 20mm
  Crew 1    
     As early as 1940, Hawker engineers were aware of the Typhoon's inadequacies. Part of the performance problem of this powerful fighter was its thick wing, and the engineering team was studying the new "laminar flow" type wing, as used on the Mustang, to correct Typhoon's high-speed compressibility problems.
     This new, thinner airfoil resulted in less fuel capacity within the wing.  To compensate, the fuselage was lengthened by 21 inches to accommodate a larger fuel tank ahead of the cockpit. This added length had in turn to be balanced by a larger fin and stabilizer. The wing area was also increased, and an elliptical shape was adopted, presenting a chord sufficient to permit the four 20mm Hispano cannons to be almost completely buried within the wing.
      The first prototype Tempest, as the modified plane was named, flew on September 2, 1942 and during trials reached a speed of 477mph (768km/h) in level flight.
       Both the Typhoon and the Tempest gained fame as ground attack aircraft, invaluable during and after the Allied invasion of Europe; and as V-1 flying bomb destroyers- the Tempest alone accounting for over one third of all V-1 kills. With it's great power and superb low-level speed, the Tempest was also the most deadly enemy of the Me-262 jet, being able to catch the German jets as they throttled their engines back for approach on landing.

Pilot figure is not included. You can download 1/24 or 1/33 figure here.


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