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Tankette Type 94 TK

Scale 1:25
Author: Michal Rafalski
File Size: 26.8Mb
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Tankette Type 94 TK (Early)

2nd Independent Tank Company       China, 1937

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Technical data:
3,750 kg
  Length 3.0 m
  Width 1.6 m
  Max Speed 40 km/h
  Armament 1 x 6.5 mm machine gun
  Engine Mitsubishi air-cooled 4-cylinder, 32hp
  Fuel Gasoline
  Crew 2
     In the 1930s. the Imperial Japanese Army ordered some examples of Carden-Loyd Mk VI tankette from the UK and field tested them. The IJA determined that the machines were too small to be practical, and started planning for a larger version, the Tokushu Keninsha (meaning "Special Tractor"). It was reclassified as the Type 94 (tankette) and was designed for reconnaissance, but could also be used for supporting infantry attacks and transporting supplies.

    The hull of the Type 94 was of riveted and welded construction, with the engine at the front with the driver to the right. The commander stood in a small un-powered turret at the rear of the hull. A large door in the rear of the hull accessed the storage compartment.

     The Type 94 Tankette was an inexpensive vehicle to build, at approximately half the price of the Type 89 I-Go medium tank, resulting in more Type 94's entering service than any other Japanese tankette (823 units). Given the utility of the design in combat in China, the Imperial Japanese Army was therefore content to retain the Type 94, although the design, and indeed the concept of the tankette, came to be regarded as obsolescent in Western armies. - Wikipedia


Model built and photographed by the author, used with permission.

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