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Yakovlev Yak-1

Scale 1:33
Author: Karol Plocica
File Size: 15.4Mb
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Yak-1 of 21st GIAP, 
Baltic Fleet. Pilot Zakharov
Model can be build in two variants:
wheeled or on skis.

Price $10.00

Model # 026_1

Yak-1 of 42nd GIAP,
Pilot Major Shynkarienko
Model can be build in two variants:
wheeled or on skis.

Price $10.00

Model # 026_2

Yak-1 Second Series
Captured intact by the Germans in Tusov, 1942 when its pilot defected
Price $10.00 Model # 026_3
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Technical data:
  Length 8.5 m    
  Span 10.0 m    
  Engine 1 x Klimov M-105PF V-12 liquid-cooled, 1,180 hp
  Max Speed 592 km/h    
  Armament 1 x 20mm ShVAK cannon, 1 x 12.7mm Berezin UBS machine gun
  Crew 1    
This model, in printed format, is available from WAK
      Despite the fact that Yakovlev did not have any experience in building fighter aircraft, in July of 1939, Soviet government issued to him specifications to build two prototypes.
The design took full advantage of OKB's experience with building sports aircraft which promised high speed as well as agility.  First prototype flew on January 13, 1940.  It suffered from oil overheating and resulted in 15 emergency landings during testing period. First prototype was lost when it crashed on April 27, 1940, killing the test pilot.  Third prototype delivered on October 13, 1940 incorporated requested improvements and passed testing on December 9, 1940 despite the fact that it was basically unfinished and suffering from constant engine problems.  This of course resulted in nearly 20,000 changes made to the plane AFTER it entered production!
Despite all those problems, Yak-1 was the best Soviet fighter at the onset of Great Patriotic War and was well liked by its pilots.
Production of Yak-1 ended in July, 1944 with total of nearly 8,700 built. (Wikipedia)


Model built and photographed by the author, used with permission.


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